Weather: Warmer and sunny skies.

Happy Sunday everyone. Sunny and warmer for the next few days. I think in the 9 years I have been up here that this has been the nicest summer yet. Business at the bar has been good also, Becker and I have been able to take off more and let the girls work more. Everyone has been happy. (except Uncle Dale and Dave from Antigo who think I only work 2 hours a week).

September is going quick, the leaves are turning and you can tell by the night air that the season is changing. We did see more ATV and side by side traffic, more motorcycle traffic too this summer. Hopefully that trend continues. Talked to a lot of people that came up here for their first time during non-snowmobile season.

We have a long way to go to make the ORV trails rival our snowmobile trails, but the ORV clubs are doing all they can, we have a lot of Federal Forests, wetlands and private property that are hard to turn into trails. But slowly they are improving every year. Fall colors should be in full bloom probably in about 4 weeks, good time to take a ride up and enjoy the UP.

To all the people I know that went to Chicago to see ACDC, I though of you when I seen this…..

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