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Monday Funday. Yea right. Well at least the Packers won. IN fact they looked pretty good. How bout them Bears though. Why the hell don’t Chicago try to get a quarterback?  Oh well at least the Bears set a new record yesterday. Most points every allowed at home. Monsters of the Midway……..OK I better shut up before I LOOSE MORE CUSTOMERS LOL. Truth is, I haven’t liked the Bears every since Mike Ditka let the Refrigerator Perry run in a touchdown in the SuperBowl instead of William Perry.  So there you go, I haven’t been a Bears fans since 1986.

Mom closes on her Indiana condo today, what a cluster down there, closing was delayed 3 weeks. But today is the day.

Polish boys?                            Weight Loss … 

Stanley Kowalski is drinking in a Detroit bar when  he gets a call on his cell phone. He orders drinks for  everybody in the bar because his wife has just produced a baby boy weighing 25 pounds. Nobody can believe that any new baby can weigh in at 25 pounds, but Stanley just shrugs,  “That’s about average for Polish kids.  Like I said, my boy’s a typical Polish baby boy.” 

Two weeks later, Stanley returns to the bar. The bartender says, “Say, you’re the father of that baby that weighed 25 pounds at birth, aren’t you? 

Everybody’s been makin’ bets about how big he’d be in two weeks. So, how much does he weigh now?” 


  The proud father answers, “Seventeen pounds.” 


  The bartender is puzzled and concerned. “What happened? He was 25 pounds the day he was born. ” 


  Stanley takes a slow swig from his beer, wipes his lips on his shirt sleeve, leans toward the bartender, and proudly says,


“Had him circumcised.”

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