Weather: High 70’s and sunny today.

What looked like a good day for a grouse hunt yesterday turned out to be windy as hell. The grouse were far and few between, and for the first time in the 8 years wee have had the tournament, no one came in with their limit. Out of 16 teams 13 did bring in at least one bird to weigh in. It didn’t look like it dampered the spirits of the hunters though, everyone was happy and having a good time.

Near 80 degrees today, but look out next week, highs are only in the 40’s by next weekend. Oh well, tis getting to be the season.

Three  Hillbillies are sitting on a porch shootin’ the  breeze.

1st Hillbilly  says: “My wife sure is stupid!…She bought an air  conditioner.  “

2nd Hillbilly  says: “Why is that  stupid?”

1st Hillbilly  says: “We ain’t got no  ‘lectricity!”

2nd  Hillbilly says: “That’s nothin’! My wife is so  stupid, she bought one of  
them new fangled  warshin ‘  machines!”

1st Hillbilly  says: “Why is that so stupid?”  

2nd Hillbilly  says: “‘Cause we ain’t got no  plummin’!”

3rd Hillbilly  says: “That ain’t nuthin’! My wife is dumber than both yer  
wifes put  together! I was going through her purse the other day  lookin’ fer  
some change,  and I found 6 condoms in  thar.”
1st and 2nd  Hillbillies say: “Well, what’s so dumb about that?”  

3rd Hillbilly  says: “She ain’t got no  pecker.

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