Weather: 60’s today, then 50’s then 40’s, then 30’s.

What an eventful day yesterday was. t least my internet is fixed, this time hopefully for good. With new wiring from the pole all the way through the house I should be good for years to come.

Now for my chimney cleaning ordeal. I borrowed the equipment to run a brush down the chimney at my mom’s house, I carefully set up a ladder and proceeded up the roof. My chicken shit fat ass started shaking like a little sally and I had a hell of a time getting back on the ladder to get down. So much for that. Dancing Dave Neimi was kind enough to go up and complete the easy task of cleaning out the chimney. Easy, yea right. Nothing I start out to do is ever easy. The brush got so stuck in the chimney that Dave had to get a hydraulic jack to rig up on top and pull the shaft attached to the brush to get it unstuck. When plan “B” will start later in the week. But for now I guess we are lucky we didn’t burn Mom’s new house to the ground with a chimney fire.


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