Weather: 50’s and Sunny.

I have the online calendar updated for the Little House rentals I have so far. Check for openings please before you call or email me with your preferences.

The new rule for walleye on the lake passed 11-5-15 and has immediate effect, so 2 Walleyes out of 5 between 13″ and 15″ is now in effect..

To snow or not to snow? Locals say no snow, snowmobilers say snow. So do the business owners in Bergland. And our fate is in the hand of Mother Nature. We have a few nice sunny days and then snow forecasted for Friday. I am sure the deer hunters would like an inch or two on the ground for tracking purposes.

And before I hear any crap from my women readers, I found it helpful to swish with water when Becker is yelling at me too.


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