Weather: A little cooler today but, the next week is not cooperating. High temps are in the mid to high 30’s for a high. We need to get a lot colder for things to freeze up around here. Be patient my sled head fans, winter will come.

Thanks Giving Day Football was not good if you are a Packer fan. Hats off to the Chicago Bears, they held on to win the game. Poor Aaron Rodgers could not do it all by himself, the Packers had a chance to win but the receivers could not come up with the catches. For my Lions Fans, I bet turkey dinner was especially good for you, congrats on your win.

Thanks to Woodchuck who sent me this link. Pick a year and see the songs that were popular when you graduated high school, or lost your virginity. The Nostalgia Machine I didn’t graduate and I still have my virginity so I just picked a random year.



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