Weather: Still sucks but getting better?

Terry Harms from Illinois is the rider the Bay Bar will be sponsoring on the Snowball Cancer 500 mile run on February 11th. One of Terry’s friends will also be taking the ride. I am putting up $500 of the $1000 needed for Terry and I will be taking donations for the other half of Terry’s donation and Terry’s friends donation. I also have another rider that may take the challenge, Matt Klug, we will be trying to help him out with donations also. Thank you guys, the Keller Family Community Foundation is a great cause. Now all we have to do is raise another $2500 to help these guys out.

With the help of Mike Peters the KFCF is working on a Snowmobile Cancer shirt. Click here  to add a name to the shirt to honor someone’s fight with cancer.

Here is a draft of the shirt, I’ll see what I can do to have them in the bar to sell. 

Sorry, no joke today.

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