Weather: Freezing temps for a week.

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Merry Christmas

Freezing temps for highs as far as the eyes can see. That’s the good news, actually not much snow in the forecast is good too, it is easier for the ground and the lake to freeze without the snow acting as an insulation blanket. But no snow means all you guys and gals are at home instead of being here in the UP. That’s the bad news. Santa didn’t bring the snow so I am taking Mom to church today and I will ask the Big Guy if he can help us out.

I’ve gotten a couple emails asking about our trails being closed. Technically I don’t think they are closed, I think it is their way of saying most of them are unrideable. The only place I hear of anyone riding is north of Twin Lakes, and then it is only about a 20 mile stretch heading north. It is definitely not wort the trip right now, the Lake is not ready to ride either. Hold on, we will get there, just not there yet.


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