Weather: Cold and snow.

Trail conditions: Good.

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Wet areas, Last I heard:

1 along the west shore of Gogebic.

8 west between Wakefield and Bergland

12 between White Pine and Ontonagon

Mixed reports on conditions, heavy traffic and warm temps yesterday are making conditions not as good. Sorry folks but it is hard for the groomers to keep up, I’m sure they are out in full force doing what they can. MLK weekend combined with our first good conditions is making for a ton of people riding up here.

Everyone that ordered a beef yesterday congratulations, you made a record. That is the most beefs I sold in a day. I’m not sure how many it was, but I think I am turning into a vegetarian.

A shout out to the fuckin dick head that took the iPhone 5 charger off my shelf. I put phone chargers out so people can use them when they come into the bar. But you decided to help your self and take mine. You are a Dickhead. I hope your sled blows up.

Update: The fuckin dickhead has a friend, now a USB block is missing, good thing I nailed down the iPhone 5 cord. I would wish they met head on but that would be mean. So I guess I will just wish for both their sleds to blow up, then buy new ones that get stolen before they put insurance on them.

Hi Mom, it’s me.

“Hi Sally, are you okay? I thought you were with your father at the Home Depot store, looking for a drill.”

“Yeah, I was, but I got arrested and they’ve let me make one phone call, and that’s why I’m calling you.”

“Oh my god, what happened?”

“Oh, I punched this African-American woman in the face.”

“What on earth . . . Why did you do that?”

“Well, it really wasn’t my fault.  Dad told me to find a Black and Decker.”


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