Weather: Looking better.

Trail conditions: Fair to Good hopefully.

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I apologize to anyone that came in for beef sandwiches yesterday. I had a bout of Vertigo yesterday that had my ass down all day. I will be back at it today, all refreshed from a 30 hour nap.

Needless to say I did not talk to any riders yesterday, I can only guess with temps hitting 40 degrees again conditions were not real good. But this week should tell a whole different story. Temps for the next 10 days are getting back to normal and snow is in the forecast, possibly lots of it. Conditions should improve greatly over the next week or so. It may be a great time to “Get your asses up here”.

Thank you Kevin for the following information:

Recap of the precip for the season:
                             Precip                     Snowfall               YTD Total                                         
November 2015      3.67                        25.3                    25.3″
December2015       4.45                        21.9                    47.20″
January 2016         4.14                        52.5                    99.70″
Amounts reported to the NWS in Negaunee.
 On the night of their honeymoon, a newlywed couple has an unfortunate accident, resulting in the amputation of the groom’s left foot. Unable to control her grief, the bride calls her mother from the hospital. “Mother,” she sobs, “my husband has only one foot.” The mother, trying to console her daughter, says, “That’s alright dear, your father has only six inches.”

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