Weather: Warmer for the weekend.

Trail conditions: Good to Fair.

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I received this in an email last night, if found please return or call me at the Bar and I will make sure it gets back to the little girl. Thanks, and I’ll buy you dinner if you find it.

Hi Tom,

If anyone finds a black hardcase saddle bag with orange reflective tape and a little girls clothes and iPad mini it is my 6yo daughters. We were on 8E to 3N from Bergland to Houghton. Not sure where if fell off! Thanks for posting!!

Kindest Regards,

Riders ran into a few bad trails yesterday, 1 north to White Pine and 8 between Wakefield and Bergland. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow. But good ole Mother is not cooperating with the temps again. Into the 30’s for today and tomorrow. if you are in the Ironwood area and plan on riding around here, I would probably trailer over if I was you.

Update 10:30am:  Temps expected to rise to mid 30’s or more today and tomorrow. Be prepared for a rough ride. 

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