Weather: Cold and Snow.

Trail conditions: Good.

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I received this in an email the other night, if found please return or call me at the Bar and I will make sure it gets back to the little girl. Thanks, and I’ll buy you dinner if you find it.

Hi Tom,

If anyone finds a black hardcase saddle bag with orange reflective tape and a little girls clothes and iPad mini it is my 6yo daughters. We were on 8E to 3N from Bergland to Houghton. Not sure where if fell off! Thanks for posting!!

Kindest Regards, 

Below is Maya, she is the girl whose saddle bag was lost with her clothes and iPad mini. I received a call and a email saying it was by a post down by the Bergland Dock, but when I went to go look for it, it was gone. Come on peps, if you found it please turn it in, I’ll give a $300 reward and you can go buy a new iPad mini.


Trails actually stayed in pretty good shape this weekend, 8 from Ironwood was even good one day I think they said. 13 north to Rockland seems to be the first of our trails to get tore up. But for the most part overall they were OK to good. This week should be the best they have been all year, cold and snow is forecasted through next weekend. Not until next Monday is there even a 20 degree high in sight. Get you asses up here, but do it before the weekend, Holiday weekend it is going to get busy.

Here is a video of 3 years ago pulling a sled out of Lake Gogebic.


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