Weather: Colder temps after today.

Trail conditions: POOR TO GOOD.

The lost wallet I put on the web site yesterday was returned, the guy who found it even picked up the money that was scattered all over the Lake. Pretty awesome of somebody to do that. 

Riders reported poor conditions around Lake Gogebic yesterday, I heard we may have a few groomers down. Head over to Watersmeet/Sidnaw area, they are being reported as very good condition. Ontonagon trails were also in good shape according to riders.

Reminder: People you can not ride M-28 with your sleds, cops were giving tickets to those riding the highway. Also loud pipes are going to get you a ticket. We have lost trails do to excessive noise from sleds, the DNR is serious about ticketing for noise.


An old man, Mr.. Wallace, was living in a nursing home.

One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed.


Nurse Tracy asked him if there was
anything wrong.

‘Yes, Nurse  Tracy ,’ said Mr. Wallace.


‘My Private Part died today, and I am
very sad.’


Knowing her patients were a little
forgetful and sometimes a little crazy,
she replied, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry,
Mr. Wallace. Please accept my


The following day, Mr. Wallace was
walking down the hall with his Private
Part hanging out of his pajamas.


He met Nurse Tracy. ‘Mr. Wallace,’ she
said, ‘You shouldn’t be walking down
the hall like that.  Please put your
Private Part back inside your pajamas.’


‘But, Nurse Tracy I can’t,’ replied Mr..
Wallace. ‘I told you yesterday that my
Private Part died.’


‘Yes,’ said Nurse Tracy , ‘you did tell
me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?’


(You’ve gotta love this.)


‘Well,’ he replied, ‘Today is the viewing.’

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