Weather: Warm up for the weekend.

Trail conditions: Ours are Poor.

The lost wallet I put on the web site yesterday was returned, the guy who found it even picked up the money that was scattered all over the Lake. Pretty awesome of somebody to do that. 

I received the letter below in the mail today. This was only the first page. The second page basically said every other trail they rode was a lot better than Lake Gogebic’s Trails. What bothered me the most is they took the time to write a hand written letter and quote what I said on those days. I go by what I am told in the bar, and sometimes it is hard sifting through what I am told. I also take for granted at times that with temps getting colder our groomers will be out and improving conditions. Sometimes I blow it, and by this person taking the time to mail me a hand written letter and looking back on my web site and quoting what I said, I can’t believe anything but I totally blew it. The letter was dated 1-31-16 and I just opened it today. I apologize for not seeing it sooner, I been a little busy. Please do not see this as an excuse, it is totally my fault. You wrote that I will not go out of business by you and your friends not returning to our area. Although that may be true, I take what you wrote very seriously, and I thank you for taking the time. Your letter did not fall on deaf ears. Hopefully you will give us another chance some day.

If anyone else would like to share their riding experience this year email me at tom@berglandbaybar.com


With that said temps for the weekend do not look good. 46 degrees for a high Saturday is going to suck. Next week has 20’s for highs and in the teens at night.


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