Weather: Warm up tomorrow.

Trail conditions: Better. 

Update: 1:30pm Trails are not any better, gonna get worse before Sunday.

Richard Read, I got your check yesterday and I gave the cask to Nick for Snowball Cancer. Thank you very much sir.

Sorry about closing early last night to those of you that stopped by. Becker was not feeling good and I was running on 3 hours sleep.

Riders were reporting better conditions out there last night. I heard they have another groomer going so we should be in a lot better shape today. But look out tomorrow, temps may get close to 50. Traffic is heavier than I thought too. If traffic is heavy tomorrow things are going to get ugly. Temps next week are looking pretty good though, and we even have snow in the forecast Sunday and Monday. It could turn out to be the best conditions we have all year next week. The second week of March, we will just have to wait and see.

Some people have taken the letter I received a lot differently than I did. I appreciate that person taking the time to do so. And I know I have blown trail reports this year. Sometimes things just didn’t work out like I thought they would. Guess I was trying to be an Optimist.


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