Weather: Snow, lots of it.

Last week we were in the 60’s, this week possible 12 inches or more. Don’t get any bright ideas of one last ride, I’m sure there is plenty of water out there in the woods. But if you happen to be up here (BRENT FRASIER) you could possibly run the grade to Kenton and get a Sloppy Hoppy.

I got a few questions about when the ATV trails open, this came straight from the DNR.

The USFS has a seasonal restriction on trails on their land –that would include:

  • Pioneer Trail
  • East Ottawa Connector
  • Bond Falls to Land o Lakes


The DNR ORV routes and trails on State land have no seasonal restrictions.  However, we encourage folks to stay off the trails until they dry out.

  • Bergland to Sidnaw
  • Bill Nichols
  • Crystal Falls to Marenisco
  • Baraga Plains Trail


The routes are open to all ORV’s.  The trails are open to ORV’s 50” and less.  The only trail in your area is the Baraga Plains trail.  The rest are routes.

I believe the USFS restrictions are until May. This gives the trails a chance to dry out from winter melting. It was hard getting trails on the USFS land, we sure do not want to give them a reason to take them away. We seen the impact of snowmobile trails taken away from us this year because of idiots that think they can ride where they want and with there loud pipes (and small penises) please don’t make the same mistakes with ATVs.


Two old guys are talking while their wives are in the kitchen.

The one old guy says to the other old guy “boy we ate at a great restaurant last night”
The second old guy asked what was name of the restaurant. The first old guy hmm’ed & haa’ed but could not remember the name? Jogging his memory he said you know that flower, it’s red and has thorns? The second old guy said you mean a Rose?
The first old guy said ya that’s it!! Yelled into the kitchen “Rose what the hell was the name of the restaurant we ate at last night” 

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