Weather: Snowed today.

Happy Easter Everyone.

It’s Saturday night, I know I’m late. But this way I figured I could get out of writing something tomorrow.

Actually it is all Tom Miller’s fault. Miller is the one that got me watching Lost. Now I am addicted to the damn TV set. Hopefully I can get through the last 3 seasons of Lost in time to work on my damn income tax.

It was snowing the size of a silver dollars this morning. Even Mom said it looked nice. More snow coming next week, highs in the low 20’s next weekend. Hopefully we are killing summer bugs.

An old man lies on his deathbed as he holds his wife’s hand. “Dear,
these are my last moments. Please be honest with me. Our fifth boy,
Donald, looks very different from all the others. He has a different
dad from the others, doesn’t he?”

Weeping, his wife cries out, “Yes, I’m sorry!”

The man replies, “Who? Who is the father?”

The wife looks back at him deeply and says, “It’s you!”

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