Weather: Gloomy.

Gloomy today and snow showers Saturday LOL. Life in the UP. Well maybe that will lift the burning ban and we can get back to building a fire and drinking beer. I got some steaks coming from Vollwerths I want to try out.

Walleye season opens up Sunday and the DNR has lowered the limit where you now can keep 2 fish between 13 & 15″. Hopefully that will bring a few more fishermen to the area this year. We could use the business, it has been pretty damn slow since the first week of March.

Ole was arrested one night while walking bare naked down the streets of the little town of Alexandria , Minnesota .
The policeman, who was a good friend of Ole’s said,’Ole…What in the world are you doing? Where are your clothes? You’re naked.’ 
‘Yah, I know,’ said Ole. ‘You see, I vas over to dat ‘playboy’ Swen’s for his birthday party. Dere vas about ten of us. Der vas boys and girls.’ ‘Is that right?’, his policeman friend asked.
‘Yah, Yah, anyvay, dat Swen, he says, ‘Everybody get into the bedroom!  ‘So vee all go into the bedroom….where den he yells, ‘Everybody git naked!’ ‘Vel, vee all got undressed. Den he yells, ‘Everybody go to town!’
I guess I’m the first one here!

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