Weather: Sunny, guess I work today.

Happy November 1st everyone. 30 days to go. That is if Mother Nature cooperates. December has not been to good the last few years for snowmobiling, so maybe, just maybe we are ready to get hit early this year with snow and cold. Check out our calendar for availability of our rentals, I will have a third house to rent soon.

A blind guy sits down in a diner and says to the waiter, “I’m sorry, but  I’m blind and I can’t read the menu. So just bring me a dirty fork, I’ll smell it, and order from there.”

The waiter picks up a greasy fork, and hands it to the blind guy. The blind guy puts the fork to his nose, breathes deep, and says, “Ah…that’s what I’ll have…meatloaf and mashed potatoes.”

The waiter can’t believe it, and he goes and tells his wife, Rose, who’s the cook.
The next day the blind guy walks in and the waiter says, “I’ll get you a dirty fork.”

He gets a dirty fork, hands it to the blind guy, the blind guy smells it, and says, “That smells great. I’ll take the macaroni and cheese with broccoli.”

The waiter thinks the blind guy is bullshitting with him, so the next day when the blind guy walks in, he goes into the kitchen and says to his wife, “Rose, rub this fork on your crotch.” She does it, and then he goes out and hands it to the blind guy.

The blind guy puts the fork to his nose, takes a deep whiff, and says,  “Are you kidding me, I didn’t know Rose worked here!”

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