11-3-16 (kind of late)


The bar sale should be final next week. I have to close Monday and Tuesday so Les and Shelly can go down and get their license. Even though it was approved last week, mine has to go in escrol before they can issue Les and Shelly’s temporary license. Leave it to Michigan to complicate the heel out of everything. At any rate come on in and wish Les and Shelly luck next Wednesday.

Now how about them damn Cubbies. I don’t think anyone gave them a chance after going down 3-1. Coming back to win on the road was out of sight. They truly did deserve to win. I was watching the game with mom last night. Actually I forgot all about it. I was on the computer at home when I realized the game was on. I checked the score and see they were up 6-3, so I called mom at 10:45 who goes to bed at 10. I told her to get up and turn on the TV cause I was coming over. I’ll never forget where I was when the Cubbies won the World Series, on the couch with Mom. And I don’t even like baseball. When the Vikings win the Super Bowl this year I will be on the couch with Mom once again.


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