Weather: High of 27 degrees.

Holy crap, highs below freezing, now we are talking. 11 more days till the trails officially open? Well that is probably pushing it, we need cold and lots of it. But it looks like the weather is turning finally.

Shelly and Les are going into full swing at the bar now. Beefs are cooking and it is starting to look a like Christmas. I’ll get you more info shortly on things they are changing, but for now just get your asses in here and get a beef.

It’s 4am and I looked out the window and I see that gorgeous white stuff on the ground. No use trying to go back to sleep now, I’m too excited. (and a little pissed I didn’t get everything done that Becker told me I had to do before the snow flies).

Sorry I took a few days off from posting, I spent the week with Becker down in Iron Mountain. Becker is doing great, 4 more radiation treatments and she is done. Outside of being burt on her neck and in her throat she is doing just fine. A few more weeks of recovery and she will be back to her jolly self.

First Snowfall of the season


Looks like we may have more on the way.


Went out last weekend to a Halloween Party dressed as a chicken.

Met a girl dressed as an egg.

A lifelong question was answered.

It was the chicken.


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