Weather: Temps in the 30’s this week.

Mercury is on the rise, after a few days of highs in the mid 20’s Mother Nature is throwing us curve balls. I swear she must be a non-motorized sports fan. We need cold, and lots of it. Temps all week are looking like mid 30’s for highs. A bit of snow is in the forecast, could even be close to a foot over the next week or so. At this point it MAYBE possible to take a quick run down the r/r grade on December 1st, but that would be about it. And that is pretty doubtful right now. Hang in there for those of you looking for an early ride, don’t make any plans yet.

As for the Packer fans, so sorry, they looked like they were going to hang in there and pull off a win but it was not to be. Aaron Rodgers was looking pretty good, but now the rest of the team needs to get on board.

The bar is going to be closed Thanksgiving but Shelly and Les are doing a Bloody Mary special and cooking beefs on Friday if you are sick of turkey.

Have you ever read the small print on the bottom of a condom?
Oh, I see, you’ve never had to roll it down that far.

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