Special announcement: Mark Hanson of Timberline Sports (Ski Doo Dealer)  has purchased Lake Gogebic Sport Center now named Lake Gogebic Sports.  Lake Gogebic Sports will continue to rent Polaris sleds with the addition of parts and service or all brands. Call Lake Gogebic Sports at 906-575-3466. Please share and help Mark get the word out.

Weather: Cold.

Conditions: Some OK, some not so good.

Weather Underground says low of 2 degrees today. Right now it is -4. Now wouldn’t it be nice if the 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow turns out to be 8-12 inches. Just listen to a male weatherman, he’ll tell you that you are going to get a good 8″.

I have only talked to a few groups that I have seen out sledding. We need more cold and snow. Good news is the cold is here and the snow is coming.

Here’s a little drinking tip for you ladies: if you’re gonna drink, drink Jack Daniels. Ladies, you spend far too much money on cosmetics. For $12 bucks, you can have a man with a bottle of Jack going, ‘God, you’re beautiful.’

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