Weather: Not the best and not the worst.

Conditions: Didn’t get any worse.

Merry Christmas Everyone 

They say no news is good news. In this case it is true, rain totally missed us and the sun was not out much when the temps warmed up. Although the trails didn’t get any better, they didn’t get much worse. Hey you gotta look on the bright side sometimes. Although we were not in good shape for the start of the season traffic this week will tell the tale on how the trails are. We’ll see what John Dee has in store for us tomorrow, Weather Underground has below freezing temps and snow showers every day this week, except for Monday. We’ll have to wait and see, but you will probably need to head north to find more snow.

Sorry my Minnesota fans but funny is funny.

Besides the Little House on the Trail I have 2 other house for rent this year, Bert’s Nest is right on the north shore of the Lake and Skip’s Place is 1 block north of M-28 and M-64. I have a 3 day minimum on rentals.¬†Click here to see Openings

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