Weather: more snow tomorrow.

Conditions: OK to Good.

Talked to sledders yesterday and for the most part a thumbs. Frank even said except for the first 5 mile when you get out of Bergland, 13 north is the best it has been for a coupe of years. Temps look to remain below the freezing mark and Snow is in the forecast. Johne dee has us in the pink Jan. 2nd to the 6th. Traffic is lighter than normal for the week after Christmas. It is gonna be a “Get your asses up here” possibly as soon as next week. But for now reports are pretty good.



Besides the Little House on the Trail I have 2 other house for rent this year, Bert’s Nest is right on the north shore of the Lake and Skip’s Place is 1 block north of M-28 and M-64. I have a 3 day minimum on rentals. Click here to see Openings

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