Weather: 8-10 yesterday.

Conditions: OK to Good.

I have plenty of openings in the rentals next week is open in two of them, Skip’s place in 1/2 block north of the Mobil with legal access to town. Bert’s Nest is on the North Shore of the Lake about 1 mile from the Hoop. Both are very nice places. Check out availability here.

We got snow yesterday. Probably 8-10 inches around us. I was working at Lake Gogebic Sports yesterday and didn’t get to talk to too many sledders. Stop in to see me or call to rent a sled, Mark from Timberline bout the place and we are renting Polaris snowmobiles.

Feedback I got was 102 was fantastic early on. As expected the trails got roughed up pretty good with all the snow and heavy traffic. Hopefully the groomers were out last night and will continue to be after all the snow we got yesterday. Use caution though, it is still early season riding and we have a lot of sleds around. I heard of someone hitting a culvert or rock or something like that on trail 8 on the north east end of Bergland last night. ¬†Sledders have been running the Lake but use caution if you go out there, the conditions on the Lake are always changing. As always have fun out there and stay safe. And don’t forget to go to Hoppy’s Bar in Kenton for a Sloppy Hoppy and tell Jane her ex-husband sent you. She is way behind on my alimony and spousal support payments.


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