Weather: Cold.

Conditions: Good to Very good.

I have openings in the rentals. Check out availability here. Call me at Lake Gogebic Sports 906-575-3466 if you see an opening that will fit your trip. And rent a damn sled from me, I am only getting paid if I rent sleds.

I was at the bar last night (stayed way too long) and everyone I talked to said conditions were very good. So “GET YOUR ASSES UP HERE”.

I posted the text below on John Dee’s Discussion Board. Kip from Pat’s Motorsports was trying to help us get the word out to keep sledders off the highways and slow sledders down on side streets. There are rumors going around the internet that Bergland is not a snowmobile friendly town. Well if you are an asshole who wants to ride fast through town with loud pipes and run through front yards we are not friendly.

“Thanks Kip for trying to help us get the word out. I hate it when we try to post on here to help people and every time it turns into an argument. The flyer that came out said to stay off city streets and only use the designated trail. This is not totally correct, but it was done to emphasize not going out on M-28 or M-64. The Highways are where you will be ticketed. The person that made the flyer was only trying to keep people safe and keep them from getting a ticket. Before people start blaming the Police or the DNR I can tell you for a fact they are only acting on complaints. Like it or not we have local residents that live here that do not appreciate it when sledders are going 80+ in front of their house or driving through their front yards. All we are asking is to respect our town, if that is too much to ask please do not come to Bergland, there are plenty of good people that snowmobile and respect our town to support our businesses.”



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