Weather: Colder

Conditions: Good to very good.

GPS  found out on Lake Gogebic about 3-4 weeks ago, contact Lake Gogebic Sports.

OK “GET YOUR ASSES UP HERE” it is time folks, went for a ride up to Henrys with Mark, Shawn, Paul, Marshal and Tom. Road the forest roads o the way up, they were OK but Marshal left his wing man, (the other Tom) and Tom and I got separated from the group. It was a good thing though because this logger operating a Forwarder out in the middle of no where that we seen had to get directions from us to where he should be. After we straightened him out Tom and I decided to take trail 13 into Rockland so I could report on the trail conditions. We beat 2 of the hot rod sleds there and I think I had 2 beers down before Mark even got to Henrys. Mark claimed to be out looking for us but I think we were just faster than him. Anyway we ordered the 23″ pizza which Shawn and Paul put together. (Notice the proper Kitchen technics with gloves and all)

The cook cooked the pizza to perfection.

The only thing missing was a few Bush lights. (actually they are only missing from the picture) The pizza was awesome.

On the way back we took trail 13 back to Bergland, it was flat and smooth. By the time we hit Norwich road (half way to Bergland) the rest of the group was waiting for me and they took off when I pulled up. Well let me tell you by that time I had to pee so bad I though my eyeballs were going to pop right out of my head. So i stopped while everyone took off. I wasn’t go to try to catch up, I felt sad because I thought Tom had left his wing man. But a few miles down the trail low and behold there were Tom’s tail lights. I didn’t feel alone anymore. The only down fall was the 2 or so extra pieces of pizza I ate kept belching up in my helmet. Good thing it was a rental helmet. (Don’t use the 7xl helmet). Moral of the story: Always ride with a guy named Tom, they never leave their wing man.

Seriously get your asses up here, the trails are great and we are getting snow. And come rent a fricken sled from me at Lake Gogebic Sports 906-575-3466. I am only getting paid if I rent sleds.

PS Hey Mark, I will trade you 2 of those red ones for the Grand Touring.

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