Weather: Cold today then a warm up for the weekend.

Conditions: Lots of snow.

Mother Nature is throwing us a curve ball. A bit of a warm up for the weekend. I would expect rougher conditions due to high traffic and mild temps this weekend. All the snow we received yesterday helped the areas that were thin but will probably add to rougher conditions.

Kent’s Trail Report 2/8/17
– Trail 1 from Lodge to Marenisco – fair to very good – had been groomed AM but a good amount of traffic was beating it up somewhat – only because big snowfall yesterday so grooming doesnt set up as well
– Trail 2 to trail 13 – very good – met groomer coming out of Presque
– Trail 13 going north from trail 2 – best the south half has been all year due to yesterdays snowfall – caught up with groomer about 8 mi north of trail 13 – no rocks showing – very good to excellent – pic is from about 5 mi north on 13 from trail 2

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