Weather: So So.

Walleye fishing has been hit or miss from what I have heard, but most fishermen are getting a meal at least.

The weather is nice, 50’s for a while. May be a nice night for a bonfire.  

I have got comments about my political views before. The funny thing is, I have none. Well except for I can’t believe what a bunch of idiots we have now blasting President Trump for everything under the sun. Republicans did not treat President Obama with the disrespect Democrats are treating President Trump with right now. What the hell has happened to people in this country. I am so sick of people sharing bullshit on the internet that is just pure media bullshit. And how dare President Trump be such a thoughtless asshole that he wants to put America first. After all all of us would take care of a stranger we don’t know before we would take care of our own family right? Wake up people and start doing what is right, not what the media wants you to believe.


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