Welcome to my new website.  For those of you that have been following me for a while the reason I changed the site is because I wanted to make it simpler and cleaner. (cleaner does not mean I am not going to cuss when someone pisses me off)  Trailreports, events and announcements show up in the same place, but if you only want to see the reports choose them from the categories on the right.  Same goes for events or announcements.

We have made the site so it auto posts to FaceBook, please feel free to comment and post videos or pictures to the Bergland Bay Bar FaceBook page.  People love to see your pictures so upload what ever you like.

Live web cams?  Sorry but you are on your own on this one.  I can not or will not help you configure Internet Explorer to make it work.  It take security changes in your browser to make this happen and I will not be responsible for screwing up your computer.  But……… If you use chrome, firefox or safari you should be able to get on without a problem.

With cell phones it is the same problem, iPhones work great, some androids work, while others need an app.  I would rather not recommend a program to view the live feeds.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy,



My name is Tom McCarthy and I have come to the Bergland area to snowmobile since 2001. I lived and worked in Joliet Illinois most of my life. In January of 2006 I was up here snowmobiling and possibly looking for a house to buy in the area because I loved it up here. Well I was sitting at the Bar just minding my own business as usual when I spotted this beautiful bartender named “Becker”. We hit it off right from the start. In March, two months later she came back to Illinois with me and were married within 2 weeks. I told her to give me 10 years and I would retire and we could move back to Bergland. Well that only lasted a year, I got pissed off at work and called Becker and told her to find something to buy in the UP so we could start a business and live up here. We ended up buying the Bar we met in. Becker was born here in the UP. Merriweather to be exact. When we were moving up here she counted 17 times that she has moved. The 17th time was right back in the house she was born in.