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A Message from Skip

I first of all want to apologize to many of you that will receive this message more then once.  Over the last several months that we have been working on the Veterans ORV Ride I have used 3 different computers, many with the same e-mail addresses in my ‘group’ contacts, yet I have many e-mail addresses that are still on one of the 3 computers.  Again, please accept my apology.
Here’s an update on the Upper Peninsula Off Road Vehicle Trail Development Association, Western UP Trails Association, Veterans Outdoor World USA, Veterans “Run for the Colors” ORV Ride.
A couple weeks ago we had one of our main sponsors pull their sponsorship of the ride.  Thus we had to quickly make some changes.
While we had already received the necessary permits from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Ottawa National Forest, we now have applied for a permit from the Michigan Department of Transportation.  We have also contacted the Michigan State Police Post in Wakefield about our proposed route.  While we have just completed the permit application process through MDOT, wit the EXCELLENT support we have received from MDOT, along with our elected officials, we are moving forward with our schedule and route.
The ride will be a 1-day ride, Saturday, Sept 27th, 2014.  The ride will get together between 10:00 am CT and 11:00 am CT, at the Wakefield American Legion.  We will leave the Wakefield American Legion Post, go on a fun and very scenic ride toward Watersmeet.  We will then return to the Wakefield American Legion for a picnic supper provided by the excellent people at the Legion.  The date of this goes with the Michigan No ORV Trail Sticker required weekend, legislation that was led by the UP ORV Trail Development Association and moved along in our State Legislature by State Senator Tom Casperson, and signed into law this past spring by Gov. Rick Snyder.  Thus you don’t need a Michigan ORV Trail Sticker to go on this ride.
With the great support of the Lake States Resource Alliance, the ride and dinner is at NO COST to any and all Veterans, no matter what branch of the service, time of service, disability or no disability.  The ride is FREE to everyone, and depending upon numbers of participants from non-veterans will determine the very low cost of the dinner for the non-veterans.  We want ANYONE, Veteran or non-veteran to show support of our Veterans by taking part in the ride.  We are looking for people with Side-by-Sides to help us by providing a seat for a Veteran (if needed).
What is also important right now is if you can please get the word out and help us get as many people as possible to participate in the ride, and if you know of a Veteran to please help us in getting them to go on the ride with us.  We’re anticipating a very colorful ride as this is at the time of our usual Fall Colors.  This ride takes us through the Ottawa National Forest, we’re going to go by secluded lakes, and over clear streams.  Make sure you bring a camera!  We’re going to end the fun day with a picnic supper and hear from some special guest speakers.  We’ve invited elected officials, representatives from the Michigan Veterans Administration, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, elected officials and other guest speakers.  Here’s a great chance to not only meet and be with others that served, but to show our appreciation for their service.  We’ve invited the media to attend.
You’ll hear from David Kohn, from Wisconsin and the Veterans Outdoor World.  David will talk about the many outdoor activities that VOW does and has planned.  From Fishing to Hunting events.  While this is our first Vet’s ORV Ride, planned by the Upper Peninsula ORV Trail Development Association, Western UP Trails Association and VOW, we plan on making this an annual event.  
I really want to thank so many that are helping us on this first Vet’s “Run for the Colors”  ORV Ride.  Our main financial supporter of this event this year is the Lake States Resource Alliance and the Wakefield American Legion.  I want everyone to know how fortunate we have been to work with the Michigan DNR, Michigan DOT, and the Ottawa National Forest through the permit process.  I also want to thank Greg Andrews and the Michigan Veterans Agency for all their help.  Special thanks to our UP ORV TDA club member, Western UP Trails Association, along with the Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  The MCCVB provided posters before we knew about the changes in the location of the ride and the dinner, and they printed those posters at no charge. 
A special thanks to all of you for your understanding in the changes as we hope you will still participate in the ride.
The biggest thanks to goes to those that this ride is all about…our Veterans!
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me;  My home phone number is 906-884-9101, my cell phone is 906-236-1143.
Skip Schulz
Upper Peninsula ORV Trail Development Association President
610 Greenland Rd, Ontonagon,  Mi  49953

Kristie had her baby



Aubrey Drew Wagner, 6 lb 4 oz, 19″ long. Happy birthday to both of us!  Kristie had her baby on my birthday, How fricken cool is that.



Iowa Snowmobilier Hurt in Accident


Hey people i need your help.  Today is the second time since I have been doing this trail report that I really do not give a shit about trail conditions or trying to entertain those of you that read my site.  I guy I know from Iowa, Dave Fisher, was the person who was hit by a truck on Military Hill Monday night. He was sitting on the trail waiting to cross the hwy. A truck left the roadway and hit him head on in the snowmobile trail. He was air flighted to marquette where he had surgery to repair a tear to his aorta in his heart. He remains in ICU there.  The family is asking to keep Dave in your prayers as he is going to have a long recovery.

This is the part of owning the bar and becoming friends with you people that really sucks.  It really hurts when I hear of one of you getting hurt.

Be careful out there and please keep Dave and his family in your prayers.


Meet Porkie




Porkie the snow gauge coming to your favorite website near you.

LakeEffect snow on the Way to Bergland?




December 10th 9:30am
Weather:Real Ficken Cold
Trail Conditions: Fair in places very good in others

Snow on the way maybe?  There are LES warnings for our area, hopefully we will get some of that.  Most of the groups I have had in have said it was ok to decent out there, the further north you go the better it gets snow wise, but snow might be headed our way now too.  From what I have heard the wet areas are frozen.  So bring on the snow.  Keep watching, the snow is on the way.

MDOT approves ORV connector routes in 12 Upper Peninsula locations

Michigan DNR sent this bulletin at 11/27/2013 12:35 PM EST

Press Release


Nov. 27, 2013

MDOT approves ORV connector routes in 12 Upper Peninsula locations

The first connector routes proposed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to allow off-road vehicles (ORVs) to travel in the rights of way, including some shoulders of state highways, have been approved by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).


Twelve routes in the Upper Peninsula were chosen as pilot locations where ORVs are allowed to operate within MDOT rights of way. The routes were established under new rules signed into law in 2013.


Eleven of these routes are signed and open, with a seasonal closure in place starting Sunday, Dec. 1. The 12th route will be signed and opened with the initial 11 locations beginning May 1, 2014, when the seasonal closure ends. The pilot project will include follow-up review of safety and environmental impacts, impacts to the rights of way and easements, and property owner issues.


ORV operation on the shoulders of state highways is initially limited to these 12 pilot routes, although more routes may be approved in the future. The new law does not open up all state highway rights of way to ORV traffic.


ORV right-of-way rules for the connector routes include:

  • 25 mph speed limit
  • Riders must be single file
  • Obey annual seasonal closure of Dec. 1 to May 1

The new connector routes will provide ORV riders a legal point of access to communities, attractions and services near existing ORV trail networks.


“This change will allow increased cooperation between the DNR, MDOT, ORV clubs and municipalities as we work to create a safe, interconnected trail system linking ORV trails and riders with local communities,” said DNR recreation specialist Ron Yesney.


Clubs, chambers of commerce or other entities seeking to apply for an ORV connector route must work with the local unit of government, which may draft a request and submit it to MDOT. Requests will be reviewed by MDOT and DNR on a case-by-case basis, with safety and connectivity being primary factors evaluated during the approval process.


For more information about riding ORVs in Michigan, visit


The Michigan Department of Transportation provides the highest quality integrated transportation services for economic benefit and improved quality of life. For more information, go to