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Careful on Lake Gogebic


Be carefully when you are riding the west shore of Lake Gogebic.  Just nort of Gogebic Lodge they built the track for the radar run on Saturday and there are berms or piles of snow out there.  I was told that it is not marked too good, so beware.

Valentine’s Day 500 anyone?

Weather: warming up a bit with 1 or 2 inches a day in the forecast.

Trail Conditions: very Good

Heard of a couple rough spots the last couple of days but the groomers have not been going out in the bitter cold we have had.  They will be out again today fixing things back up again.

Ever hear of Nick Kellar ” the Mileage Man”  Nick raises money for cancer and every Valentine’s Day he does a 500 mile ride here is his Facebook page

Mike Peters is also riding with Nick and they have set up a page to donate money.  Mike is the one who helped me switch over the web site to the new format and he also uploads trail report videos to my facebook page.

Mike would not let me pay him for the help he gave me with the website. I would like to repay him by helping raise money for a good cause, if you can please help by donating money in Mike’s name. This is a good charity, the money goes to the people and not to the “Professional Fund Raisers”  If you ever felt like helping out a good cause well this is it.  Here is the link to Mike’s page


Opps Ice Fishing Contest is next weekend



The Walleye Lodge’s Ice Fishing Contest is next weekend, see flyer Ice Fishing TournamentAd7      I will be busy the first 2-3 hours on Sunday so I am not going to open the kitchen until 3 or 4 pm.

Trail Update


I must have misunderstood Miller yesterday, because god knows. he is never wrong.  Trail 13 north, the second half that goes into Rockland was not groomed.  I was corrected more than a few times today already.  But rumor has it there were 2 groomers out there a little while ago