Snowball Cancer

#FF0000 Raised $3,000 towards the $3,000 target.

Nick Keller (The Milage Man), the guy on the Yamaha that rides like Forest Gump runs has retired Mary Jane, (the sled he rode for 99,956 miles) is headed for St. Germain to go into the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum 

Nick is doing a 500 mile ride on February 11th 2016 and inviting 20 people to tag along. A $1000 donation is asked for, to ride along with him. Bergland Bay Bar is donating $500 and we are going to try and help raise another $2500 to sponsor 2 additional riders. Terry Harms is the first rider to respond, Mike Strubhar, a friend of Terrys was the second and Matt Klug the third we are going to help sponsor. I have pledge sheets at the bar, or you can email me your pledges and square up when you come in.

On February 11th 2016 I will again be selling beef sandwiches for $10.00 (yep we raise the price for one day only) and donating your total food bill to the cause.

Another great idea they have is to make a Snowball Cancer shirt that will be on sale online. They are asking for 1000 names to be put onto the shirt. Check it out here. If you have a loved one that is, was or lost their fight with cancer enter their name on the form. You will be notified when the shirts go on sale.

Please help us raise money to help these riders help those in need. Nick’s Idea to raise $20,000 by taking 20 riders with him is awesome. Hopefully it will not be -20 degrees this year.

Thank you to those that have donated:

Dan and Scott from Ironwood, Misty Murphy, Tom Shultz, Steve Offerman, Jerry O’Connor, Rick Nick’s friend,

Thank you for pledges that have come in:

Caledonia Volunteer Fire Dept  Caledonia MN $500, Caledonia Sno-Gophers $250, Bergland Bay Bar $500, Jami Burg $50, Kip from Pat’s Motor Sports in Greenland $500, Dan Cameron $50

A big thank you to Terry and Lisa Harms for gathering $850 in donations from these fine people:

Rob Shipp, Randy and Kim Parks, Doug Hayden, Kyle B, Rick and Susan Myrick, Joe Grant, Pete Meany, Bill and Karen Vanderhei,
Bob Flesher, Orlando Rodriguez, Roberts Environmental, Paul Lockwood, Susie Slavin, Gary Ott, Lee Perkins, Barney Nolan,
Tyson Nolan, Bob Boudreau, Ron Garrard, Bisping Insurance,
Louise Madina, Lisa and Terry, Mike and Gail Strubhar