Weather: Staying cold.

Conditions: Not sure.

I am not getting any info back on trail conditions, as far as I know groomers are not going out around Ironwood or Lake Gogebic. I am going for a ride this afternoon to check it out myself. I’ll report back later on what I find out.


Weather: Got Snow.

Conditions: Improving.

Not sure what we got for snow, it looks pretty damn good looking out into the backyard right now though. 8-10″ for sure and probably more but it was a light snow instead of a wet one. More snow headed our way in a few days and colder temps. My rentals are open, conditions should be improving as we head into next week. There are going to be a lot of wet areas or even open water holes out there heading north will probably be your best bet.



Weather: Patiently Waiting.

Conditions: Waiting.

Still waiting on the damn snow Mother Nature. It is still supposed to come, Marquette Weather is saying 1-3 today and 5-8 tonight. Stay tuned and watch the web cams is all I can say.




Weather: Waiting.

Conditions: Waiting.

Nothing to do but wait and see. I think we are done for the season. Now that I have said that watch Mother Nature dump a bunch of snow on us just to make me look bad. LOL Tune in tomorrow to see if we get our Christmas Miracle late in February.

A therapist has a theory that couples who make love once a day are the happiest. So he tests it at a seminar by asking those assembled, “How many people here make love once a day?” Half the people raise their hands, each of them grinning widely. “Once a week?” A third of 
the audience members raise their hands, their grins a bit less vibrant. “Once a month?” A few hands tepidly go up. Then he asks, “OK, how about once a year?”

One man in the back jumps up and down, jubilantly waving his hands. The therapist is shocked—this disproves his theory. “If you make love only once a year,” he asks, “why are you so happy?”

The man yells, “Today’s the day!”


Weather: Shittier.

Conditions: Shittier.

How can I describe the weather and trail conditions, shitty, still shitty and shittier. I don’t know what else to say. I did have hopes of us recovering this weekend but sunshine and melting are giving me huge doubts that we can bounce back. It still looks like we are going to get hit with some major snow on Friday and still more the 1st of March. Temps are still going to be an issue but it does show below freezing at night. We may be done with the rental sleds  except for letting them go out ice fishing. Time will tell.

But if you are wondering if you can come up for a last ride or two? Wait and see, if we get all the snow that John Dee is saying is possible it could lead to some awesome riding still>

A woman noticed her husband standing on the bathroom scale, sucking in his stomach. “Ha­­! That’s not going to help,” she said.

“Sure, it does,” he said. “It’s the only way I can see the numbers.”


Weather: Still Shity.

Conditions: Still Shity.

All eyes are on the weekend. Do to www.johndee.com and look at what John is saying for snowfall this weekend. If we do get that much snow you can expect it to be a few days for groomers to get to all the trails. Or at least the trails they will be able to do. Watch for water hole that I am sure opened back up and new wet areas that are going to develop because of all the melting that has gone on. My guess for the best riding days are from Sunday on. Low traffic and grooming at night could make some very good conditions for next week.

When a woman’s 16-year-old daughter denied having sex, her doctor had the perfect response. 


The teen learned that day how simply being honest can save you a lot of trouble.


A mother brought her daughter to the doctor when the teen was experiencing some very specific symptoms, says Newsiosity.


The doctor asked, “Okay, Mrs. Jones, what’s the problem?”

The mother responded, “It’s my daughter, Darla — she keeps getting these cravings, she’s putting on weight and is sick most mornings.”


The doctor examined Darla before coming to his conclusion.


“Well, I don’t know how to tell you this but Darla is pregnant, about four months would be my guess,” the doctor said.


The mother was shocked.

“Pregnant? She can’t be, she has never ever been left alone with a man,” the panicked mother says. “Have you, Darla?”

Darla tries to cover for herself, telling her mom, “No mother! I’ve never even kissed a man!”

At that moment, the doctor quietly walked over to the window, reports Boredom Therapy. He stared outside for a few minutes, not saying a word, until the mother finally decided she needed to know what he was doing.

“Is there something wrong out there doctor?” the mother asks.

“No, not really, it’s just that the last time anything like this happened, a star appeared in the east and three wise men came over the hill,” he said. “I’ll be darned if I’m going to miss it this time!”


Weather: Shity.

Conditions: Shity.

Rain Rain go away, we are getting a little bit of rain, not expecting a lot so we will see what happens. The weekend is promising a pretty good dumping so keep your fingers crossed, maybe I’ll see you next week.

Late report today because Becker and I went to the casino last night. Sex and Bloody Marys at 10am, boy did it feel good taking off work today.



Weather: Shity.

Conditions: Shity.

Frosty is melting, up to 48 degrees today, not much better through Wednesday. Friday snow is due to come in. Right now it is a wait and see kind of deal. All I can say is stay tuned.

Clothing is 30% off and Klim gear is 20% off at Timberline Sport Center and Lake Gogebic Sports. We also have some pretty good deals on rental sleds. 2017 Ski Doo Renegades and 2016 Indys.

Shout out to Miller, it was fun tucking you in last night. Tell the Sexy Librarian I said goodbye.


Weather: Shity.

Conditions: Shity.

Shity all over, even though we knew it was coming it still hurt watching the snow melting and water running across the parking lots. And it is going to be happening for a few more days. I still think we are going to bounce back for the last few days of February and early March. How long into March will depend on temps. For now gab a Margarita, sun glasses, sun block and kick back and enjoy the mild weather. Old Man Winter may just push the Fat Lady off the stage and give us one last blast. Keep an eye on us a week from now.

Clothing is 30% off and Klim gear is 20% off at Timberline Sport Center and Lake Gogebic Sports. We also have some pretty good deals on rental sleds. 2017 Ski Doo Renegades and 2016 Indys.

Shout out to Rick, thanks for being so understanding about me double booking your cabin, most people would not have been as nice as you were.

Pucker Up

One night my friend John and I were sitting at a bar where he used to work, when an attractive woman, a former co-worker, came in and sat next to him. She told him she had just had a fight with her husband, a police officer, and needed to get out of the house for a while.

They had been talking for a few minutes when, as a joke, I leaned over to John. “Don’t look now,” I whispered, “but a guy about six-five just walked in. And he’s got a gun.”

Without hesitating, John turned to me. “Quick, Ed,” he said, “kiss me on the lips.”


Weather: Warm.

Conditions: Going to be going down hill for a while.

Fasten your seat belts we are in for a hell of a ride. We are in for a major melt down but the woods will survive. But looking at next weekend and beyond it is showing promise that winter could very well return to the UP. Don’t give up hope for March riding, Feb. 24th looks like a turning point with cold and snow coming back into the area. Our groomers will be out when temps permit, so even though you will not probably not see one for a few days remember, it ain’t over till the Fat Lady Sings. The best conditions of the year might only be a week away.

This duck walks into a bar, and asks the bartender, “Do you have any grapes”?

The bartender says, “No we only sell beer here”. The duck leaves.

The next day the duck walks back into the bar and asks the bartender, “Do you have any grapes”?

The bartender says, “No I told you we only sell beer, and if you ask me again I’m going to nail your beak to the bar.” So the duck leaves.

The next day the duck walks back into the bar, and asks the bartender “Do you have any nails”? The bartender says “no”.

The duck asks “Do you have any grapes”?