To ATV or not to ATV?

Weather: Longest stretch of nice days we have had in a while

Trail Conditions: Dusty, it’s about time

I was busy getting my Mom set up at the park for the summer but in the few hours I spent at the bar and in town yesterday I seen a lot of atv’s around. I’ve heard a lot of complaining about our trail system too.  The biggest complaint is “we don’t want to ride asphalt.”  I agree totally folks but the truth is we have what we have right now.  You do end up on asphalt roads a lot to get between trails, but it will get better.  ATV trails are a lot harder to get than snowmobile trails, but there are many people working on expanding our trail system. Snowmobilers get spoiled by our great trail system in the UP.  A lot of those trails are impassable in the summer because they are wet lands in the warmer months.  Private land owners are less likely to give us easements because of the damage that is done to trails, especially when it is wet out.  As we establish more trails hopefully Federal, State and Private Landowners will see with a properly maintained trail system we will not cause damage and be a big boost to the economy in the UP.  With the increase in atv trail sticker fees this year we can only hope and pray the money will be spent wisely to improve this system.

One day I can only hope that we have an ATV trail system that compares with our snowmobile trail system.  Until then I hope you can bare with us and enjoy what we have for now.

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