Rain rain go away, maybe to Illinois or Iowa

Weather: Sucks

Trail Conditions: Watch for puddles and washouts

Man it rained like crazy yesterday.  You could not have got wetter if you jumped in the Lake.  I hope the rain holds of so I can cut grass today.  It is going to look like a hay field if I don’t get to it today.

Fishing reports have been so so, but I have heard a few good catches, guess you just need to be smarter than the fish.  Here are a few stats about Lake Gogebic

Lake Gogebic
Location Gogebic / Ontonagoncounties, Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Coordinates 46°30′N 89°35′WCoordinates46°30′N 89°35′W
Primary inflows Trout Brook, Merriwether River
Primary outflows West Branch of Ontonagon River
Basin countries United States
Max. length 14 mi (23 km)
Max. width 2.5 mi (4.0 km)
Surface area 13,380 acres (54 km2)
Average depth 17.5 ft (5.3 m)
Max. depth 38 ft (12 m)[1]
Shore length1 34.35 mi (55.28 km)


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