Sunny Day in Bergland

Weather: Beautiful

Trail Conditions: Nice day for a ride

Well the weatherman did it again.  It is beautiful outside.  He was wrong and it is our gain.

Hope everyone had a Good Father’s Day yesterday.  There was a sewing needle on the floor which I stepped on and put in in my foot about an inch backwards with string on it.  I couldn’t see if it was bent so I called Becker who was at the bar to come pull it out.  She was going 80 and a cop stopped her.  He let her got and told her to slow down.  (Thanks Officer)  When she came in she grabbed pliers and pulled it out with one yank.  Holy shit, that hurt, still does. I told her she was just like the little boy that pulled the thorn out of the big fierce Lion’s foot. I think they remained friends forever.

Three guys all think that their wives are cheating on them.

The first guy thinks his wife is screwing a plumber because he found a tool belt under his bed.

The second guy thinks his wife is screwing a judge because he found a robe and gavel under his bed.

The third guy says, “That’s nothing! I came home and found a cowboy under my bed. I can’t believe my wife is screwing a horse.”

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