Bergland to Sidnaw trail has been graded

Weather: Rainy Day

Trail Conditions: No Dust

They graded the SB trail from Bergland to Sidnaw, it needed to be done but the bad news I hear is it exposed some railroad spikes.  Be careful running down the trail, a spike could cause a nasty blow out.  Today would be a great day for  ride, nice and cool and no dust.  It don’t get much better.

We made some progress on the Fish Tales webcam, I got it all configured and it is uploading pics, only problem right now is it is in their gift shop, John is going to have it mounted on the outside of the building and them we will get her dialed in on the Lake.

I must say thanks Brenda and John for the chicken dinners, Becker and I loved it, great tasting chicken.  Desserts were good too, just don’t let Becker know you sent dessert home LOL

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