Bergland gets a little




Weather: Cold again and 3+ inches yesterday

Trail Conditions: Better, snow helps

What a difference 3″ makes.  We didn’t get a lot of snow but what we did get was good packing.  Excellent for the trails, LES is nice but a good base is what we need to build up, with what we got yesterday and the cold today it should take trail conditions up a notch.

Web cams up, Web cams down, had a bit of confusion on my end yesterday, I unplugged the new web cam so I could plug the old one in and reset the IP address so I could use it at my house in Merriweather as a snow gauge.  But my dumbass forgot to plug the new cam back in.  So I went out this morning (freezing i might add) and plugged it back in.  Just for your viewing enjoyment.

Bear with me until I get this new site looking and acting like I want it too, I think it is going to be worth the aggravation in the long run.  Hopefully it is not too long………………..

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