Good, Bad and the Ugly again

Weather: Close to a foot of new snow

Trail Conditions: Kind of like opening day

I’m not sure how to start on the trail report today. I had two guys in yesterday (sorry I didn’t get their names) from Illinois who rode 160 miles. I gave them a ride back to the west shore to get their trailer last night so they didn’t have to use trail 1. They are going to trailer to Bergland today to ride. They were happy with what they road from Bergland east. Very little was groomed but they said they were first on the trail most places and had a great time. I guess that is the Good.

The groomers went up 102 yesterday, they told me to tell riders to wear wet suits and install pontoons before heading up 102. I asked if there was a lot of water and their response was “water? There are waterfalls on 102”. So I guess that is the Bad and maybe the Ugly too.

So I know some of you are coming this weekend no matter how much we tell you not to, so I guess all I can do is point you in the right direction. Our club is down to only 3 groomers right now, and they are going to finish busting open 13 north using both groomers first probably. 1 North to White Pine, 8 east and trail 13 are probably the only trails our club are going to be able to groom until we get a major cold snap.

This weekends forecast looks to being another warm up, not as bad as last weekend, in the low 30’s for now. Next week looks like a major snow storm might be moving in, not the cold we actually need, but we will take what they throw t us I guess, like we have a choice.

Your best place to stay around Lake Gogebic this weekend is going to be in Town or the Root, Trail 1 on the west shore is shit and I would not trust the Lake.

Your best riding will probably be east of Bergland and then north and south. Say hi to Jane for me if you stop out at Hoppys and have a Sloppy Hoppy.

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