Trail 2 Closing next year in Ironwood.

Weather: Eeks 50 today and sunshine

Trail Conditions: Some will last a while but towns are going to get bad quick.  .

I think some of the trails are going to be good for a while but with the forecast ahead we are just going to go straight down hill. I only have one case of beef left, I don’t think I will be ordering any more until next year.

Now for the bad news. Read this Trail 2 closing РHCS Snowmobile Forums

I have bitched about this for years and now it has started. I would be surprised if this can be worked out with the land owner, but let’s hope that it can be. This is also a section of the trail that the ATV club was hoping to get an easement for. What do you think the chances of that happening now are. I think businesses up here ought to start a “Ban the Can” campaign. If your sled is too loud don’t come into my place. I don’t need your money, you are only costing me money. But I doubt they would do that, they won’t even tell you the truth about trail conditions, why would they turn down money from anyone?

Sorry no joke today, I’m just pissed. If you have a can stay the hell out of Bergland, we don’t want you or your buddies that are stupid enough to ride with you.

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