Weather: Cold and snow.

Trail conditions: Poor to Good.

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I am rating the trails as poor to good because of wet spots in the trails. We will be having issues for a while with problem areas I think. I thought a few days of cold would freeze things up but we do have some very wet areas that take a while to freeze over. You will be able to ride on good trails, and we will be able to tell you where the wet areas are still at. Right now I can only guess because I was not in the bar much yesterday, the access trail from 13 coming into Bergland I heard was wet, the bottom of 13 coming from Rockland had a little water left, 13 south of Lake Gogebic, and probably 1 along the west shore of Gogebic. 12 between White Pine and Ontonagon I heard also has a bad spot. 8 west between Wakefield and Bergland will probably be wet for a while.

These are my best guesses right now on areas that may be a problem, from what people have told me. I tend to report worse conditions than others in our area do. Those of you that follow my winter reports know this. You will be able to find good riding conditions this week and weekend, every day conditions should improve with snow and cold, but it may take a while before everything is excellent. You may want to save a little vacation time for March, but then March can go to shit fast, or it will linger on through April.

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