Weather: Cold and snow possible.

Trail conditions: Poor to Good.

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Wet areas, Last I heard:

8 west between Wakefield and Bergland

12 between White Pine and Ontonagon

Mixed reports on conditions again yesterday, most said trails were rough, some said they were good. I would think the few that reported good conditions are comparing conditions we have right now to theirs in their home state that they are used to riding on. Last night’s snow missed us hopefully Mother Nature comes through with a few more inches today and tomorrow. Trail 8 west of Merriweather continues to be a problem area. Thanks Nick Ludwig for taking the time to share the pic. Groomers should be out and temps took a nose dive into the single digits, right now it is -6. With Holiday traffic winding down after today conditions should improve. Just give us our damn snow………


I heard the DNR was in town yesterday, one ride reported getting a ticket for Loud pipes. I didn’t hear of anyone else being stopped by the DNR.


Hey Mark, you know the drill…..

A shout out to the fuckin dick head that took the iPhone 5 charger off my shelf. I put phone chargers out so people can use them when they come into the bar. But you decided to help your self and take mine. You are a Dickhead. I hope your sled blows up.

Update: The fuckin dickhead has a friend, now a USB block is missing, good thing I nailed down the iPhone 5 cord. I would wish they met head on but that would be mean. So I guess I will just wish for both their sleds to blow up, then buy new ones that get stolen before they put insurance on them.

A special thanks to Bob for bringing in an extra iPhone 5 charger that everyone can use.



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