More snow, page views way up




November 27th 10:00am
Weather: 4-5 more inches, more in other areas
Trail Conditions: snow is piling up

We didn’t get a lot of snow, but I have heard Ironwood got a lot more than we did.  That’s the way it happens around here though.  I even see a big difference in snowfall from Merriweather to Bergland sometimes.  But I am not jealous, our whole area needs snow, and our time will come.  Hopefully up by Rockland got a dumping on, they don’t call it rockland for no reason, there are some huge rocks out there on the trails.  If you ever been here in the summertime, you sure wouldn’t go boon docking in the winter.

Over 16,000 page views in the last 2 days.  Almost like you guys never seen snow LOL.  Or maybe you just miss it that much.  Well it seems as though the season may start on time this year, but it is still early, we still need cold and a lot more snow.  B ut so far, so good……

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