Merry Christmas from Bergland Michigan




Weather: Cold and some white stuff falling down

Trail Conditions: Very good

Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope Santa brought you what you wanted today.  Short hours at the bar today, I’ll be open from 2-8pm.  tomorrow we will be ready to rock and roll.  I tried marking up a map with a trail change that did not make it onto the new snowmobile map.  This is on trail 12 going from Ontonagon to White Pine where the 101 intersection is, this is in the blue.  I am no Van Gogh but I think you can get the idea the trail heads north for a mile or so I think then comes back down to meet up with the old trail again.  I have had a few groups tell me it was hard to tell where the trail goes and a few thinking the trail did not go through to White Pine.  Where the green points is where water is going across the trail because of a beaver dam, (Where is Phil Robertson when we need him)  I had people tell me it was not marked.  I called Jim from the Pit Stop in Greenland  and he went out and made sure they were marked better.  Thanks Jim.

I am going to go serve a few drinks at the bar till 8 and then sit by the fire with Becker tonight and have a few brews probably.  See you all tomorrow.


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