Hell has frozen over – Snowmobilers Safe

Weather: -22 at 10am

Trail Conditions: Very good to Excellent (nobody out there)

I think hell has froze over, it is fricken cold out there but just be patient, tomorrow’s high is going to soar all the way up to 17 degrees.  Temps look to stay colder than normal for the week ahead, so if you are coming up make sure you dress warm.  I have seen more people with frostbite this year than I have in the 7 years I have been up here.  If you are going to ride bundle up.

I’m sure you have heard the 2 lost snowmobilers were found in good shape.  I was sent a pic of them in the hospital but I am not going to post it.  They may just want to forget about their ordeal.  If they do want to share what happened and how they survived I will gladly post that at a later time.

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