Weather: Nice Still.

Trail Conditions: Grades are good.

Another nice day in the UP, Becker and I have been cleaning up over Sullys, and we will be back at it today. Kind of nice working outside after being trapped in the bar doing the floor for a week.

Been seeing a few side by sides around, it has been tempting to jump on ours and go see Jane for a Sloppy Hoppy. But we have all Summer for that, at least that is what I have been telling myself all weekend. Roger’s Bar had a poker run yesterday, I wanted to go but we had too much work to do around the bar.


A while back, when I was considerably younger, I picked up a lovely date at her parents’ home.

I’d scraped together some money to take her to a fancy restaurant.

She ordered the most expensive items on the menu: Shrimp cocktail, Lobster Patron, Champagne.

I asked her, “Does your mother feed you like that when you eat at home?”

“No,” she replied; “but mom’s not expecting a blow job tonight.”

I said, “Would you care for dessert?”

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