Weather: 50’s today.

Another beautiful day in the UP. I moved the weather station on weather under ground over to Mom’s house, there it has an unobstructed place that will register better wind readings, at the bar it was sheltered from the building.

I’m getting emails for rentals on the little house, I have reservations already from last year and I will get them in the calendar in the next few days. I will confirm with everyone once I have them in there.

I received this in an email today, Sen. Casperson has done a lot to help keep the camps in the USFS, it only takes a few minutes to email a congressman, click here to go to his web site:


We just received this information from a senator friend of ours. Could you pass this information along to interested parties.

Sen Casperson , from the UP passed senate resolution 79, urging congress to intervene in the disposition of leases, similar to your family.

I don’t know if this is enough to persuade them to act.

I would make sure that you and others are contacting Congressman Beneshicks office to urge him to intervene as well.

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