Weather: Windy (no bugs).

Beautiful day yesterday, too bad I had to work. But it was nice to see everyone for Memorial Day. Today could be boat lift day, got one coming to put the pontoon on. Then it will be decision time…..do we go out on the pontoon or do we go out on the side by side. LOL gotta love the UP, what fun things can I do today? Oh yea I gotta go finish cutting grass. Crap

Shout out to Fish Tales…..Uncle Twinkle Toes is pissed you missed the “Monday Meeting”

Little Johnny walks into his dad’s bedroom and sees him sliding on a condom. His father tries to hide it by bending over, as if to look under the bed.

Little Johnny asks curiously, “What are you doing, Dad?”

His father quickly replies, “I thought I saw a mouse go underneath the bed.”

Little Johnny replies, “What are you gonna do — screw him?”

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